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Under the Sun

This song is by J.Viewz and appears on the album Muse Breaks (2005).

You know I
Can't stand here quietly watching this
My heart shrinks and I want you near
You know I
Never gave you anything but my love
But now you're gone
My mind is up and feeling
The purest skin and eyes that feel
Just what I need
A place under the sun
And every night that I can't sleep
I'm drifting to
A place under the sun
I wonder why
Every day just passes me by
And I'm flying beyond (she's flying beyond)
Wrap me up in your colors
And don't let me show it all too soon
I'll save some for:
Some quiet nights of quiet stars
All words fall out
A place under the sun
All that you touch and what you are
The choice of time
A place under the sun

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