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Jesus In 3/4 Time

This song is by J.D. Souther and appears on the album John David Souther (1972).

If I gave you my blessing, bid you goodnight
Something is holding me down
Once I was baptized, that was alright
Now if I just can be found

Living for Jesus, day after day
Nobody quite that strong

Blessed assurances is one thing to know
And another to sing in a song
Well, the family possessions passed on to me
No longer fit in my hand

Once I was saved, that one was free
I'd been pleased to know just where I stand

Living for Jesus, making it pay
Well, I know God lives quite that long

Once I was baptized, now I am free
To sing you a new gospel song

Singing higher, higher, higher
Singing higher, higher, higher
Singing higher, higher, higher, higher


Written by:

J.D. Souther

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