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John David Souther (1972)Edit

J.D. Souther - John David Souther

John David Souther

  1. The Fast One
  2. Run Like a Thief
  3. Jesus in 3/4 Time
  4. Kite Woman
  5. Some People Call It Music
  6. White Wing
  7. It's the Same
  8. How Long
  9. Out to Sea
  10. Lullaby

Black Rose (1976)Edit

J.D. Souther - Black Rose

Black Rose

  1. Banging My Head Against the Moon
  2. If You Have Crying Eyes
  3. Your Turn Now
  4. Faithless Love
  5. Baby Come Home
  6. Simple Man, Simple Dream
  7. Silver Blue
  8. Midnight Prowl
  9. Doors Swing Open
  10. Black Rose

You're Only Lonely (1979)Edit

J.D. Souther - You're Only Lonely

You're Only Lonely

  1. You're Only Lonely
  2. If You Don't Want My Love
  3. The Last In Love
  4. White Rhythm And Blues (featuring Phil Everly)
  5. Til The Bars Burn Down
  6. The Moon Just Turned Blue
  7. Songs Of Love
  8. Fifteen Bucks
  9. Trouble In Paradise

Home By Dawn (1984)Edit

J.D. Souther - Home By Dawn

Home By Dawn

  1. Home by Dawn
  2. Go Ahead and Rain
  3. Say You Will
  4. I'll Take Care of You
  5. All for You
  6. Night
  7. Don't Know What I'm Gonna Do
  8. Bad News Travels Fast
  9. All I Want

If the World Was You (2008)Edit

J.D. Souther - If the World Was You

If the World Was You

  1. I'll Be Here at Closing Time
  2. House of Pride
  3. Journey Down the Nile
  4. One More Night (Killing Spree)
  5. In My Arms Tonight
  6. Rain
  7. Chorus of Your Own
  8. The Border Guard
  9. Brown (Osaka Story)
  10. Come on Up
  11. The Secret Handshake of Fate

Natural History (2011)Edit

J.D. Souther - Natural History

Natural History

  1. Go Ahead and Rain
  2. Faithless Love
  3. You're Only Lonely
  4. The Sad Café
  5. Silver Blue
  6. New Kid In Town
  7. I'll Take Care of You
  8. Little Victories
  9. Prisoner in Disguise
  10. Best of My Love
  11. I'll Be Here at Closing Time

Tenderness (2015)Edit

J.D. Souther - Tenderness


  1. Come What May
  2. Something in the Dark
  3. This House
  4. Let's Take a Walk
  5. Dance Real Slow
  6. Show Me What You Mean
  7. Horses in Blue
  8. Need Somebody
  9. Downtown (Before the War)

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