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Alabama Blues (1965)Edit

J.B. Lenoir - Alabama Blues
Alabama Blues
  1. Alabama Blues
  2. The Mojo Boogie
  3. God's Word
  4. The Whale Has Swallowed Me
  5. Move This Rope
  6. I Feel So Good
  7. Alabama March
  8. Talk to Your Daughter
  9. Mississippi Road
  10. Good Advice
  11. Vietnam
  12. I Want to Go

Natural Man (1968)Edit

J.B. Lenoir - Natural Man
Natural Man
  1. Natural Man
  2. Don't Dog Your Woman
  3. Let Me Die With the One I Love
  4. Carrie Lee
  5. Mama Talk to Your Daughter
  6. If I Give My Love to You
  7. Five Years
  8. Don't Touch My Head
  9. I've Been Down So Long
  10. What Have I Done?
  11. Eisenhower Blues
  12. Korea Blues
  13. Everybody Wants to Know
  14. I'm in Korea

J.B. Lenoir (1970)Edit

J.B. Lenoir - J.B. Lenoir
J.B. Lenoir
  1. Down in Mississippi
  2. Voodoo Music
  3. Tax Payin' Blues
  4. If I Get Lucky
  5. Oh Captain
  6. How Much More
  7. Everything I Do
  8. Feelin' Good
  9. Shot on James Meredith
  10. Round and Round
  11. Slow Down
  12. Vietnam Blues
  13. Leaving Here
  14. Born Dead
  15. Need Somebody's Help

Fine Blues (1989)Edit

J.B. Lenoir - Fine Blues
Fine Blues
  1. Deep in Dept Blues
  2. My Baby Told Me
  3. In the Evening
  4. Please Don't Go Away
  5. Fine Girls
  6. I Lost My Baby
  7. Daddy Talk to Your Son
  8. She Don't Know
  9. Back Door
  10. Lou Ella
  11. Oh Baby
  12. Do What I Say
  13. Move to Kansas City
  14. I Been Down So Long
  15. Mojo Boogie
  16. I Don't Care What Nobody Say
  17. Oh Baby (Alternate)

Additional information

Artist information:

b.1929, d.1967

Real name:

J.B. Lenoir is a performance name for JB Lenoir.

Also known as:

J.B. Lenoir & his African Hunch Rhythm

Years active:

1950's - 1967

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Record labels: