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White Water In The Morning

This song is by Iwrestledabearonce and appears on the album It's All Happening (2009).

It's all happening
It's all starting again

So cover your hair in your eyes
I am sorry I didn't notice him
Standing there
He's over behind the books
Startling man
His mouth's wide open
But there's no sound coming from his throat
Faceless man, we woo to you
Little, speechless mouth wide open
But there's no sound coming from his throat

I'm playing around with dirty finger
It's getting to the point again
We're all going to perish out loud
That only you and I could hear
The wind will blow us over

Walking, radiating
The wind - it's creating a pitch

Let it sing, let it sing
Let it sing to you in Hell
Let 'em sing, let 'em sing
Let 'em sing to you in Hell

Shadows cannot hold hands
Shadows exaggerate them
Shadows cannot hold hands

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