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I'm Cold And There Are Wolves After Me

This song is by Iwrestledabearonce and appears on the album It's All Happening (2009).

Original video
Never wanted to forget our last looks
A rekindling lust
In the corner of your eye
A lingering inside
The last place you and I...

This is the place where you and I call our home
Hands touching
He turns them into gold
And the rhythm of my heart
Bites at me
Lips cry red salt

He makes me stay golden
While caressing my flesh
He rips me open

With my eyes closed so tightly
He cradles me

Softly we drift into sleep
Turning hands into minerals
I melt into him
My bones depart from me
I open my hands into a pool of water
Creating the sound of waves, animals and creatures

Waves of hair drift over your ears
Waves of hair drift to the rhythym of your heart
What is mine is yours
What is yours is forever mine

Written by:


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