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La La Love

This song is by Ivi Adamou and appears on the compilation Eurovision Song Contest: Baku 2012 (2012).

Original video
"La La Love" was the entry from Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku.
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La La Love
Love the way you fill me up with life
Baby we can break the speed of light
Nothing to fear
When you are near
Just give me more, oh oh

Reaching for the sky, I'm aiming high
Close my eyes and then it's almost like we fly
Up in the air
Let's take it there
Never let go oh oh

Oh oh oh
Feel the energy
Between you and me
Baby it's so right
Oh oh oh
I feel the energy
Just taking over me, over me
How I've been waiting for this
(La la la la la la la la) Love
How I've been waiting for this
(La la la la la la la la) Love

Paris to LA over the night
All around the world just you and I
Nothing to fear
When you are near
Were on a roll, oh oh
And we do it again
No stop, no end
Out of control


  • Writers and composers: Alex Papaconstantinou, Bjorn Djupström, Alexandra Zakka, Viktor Svensson

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