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Your Fucking Creation Is Bleeding Away

This song is by Ithdabquth Qliphoth and appears on the album Fyre Walk With Me (2008).

"I behold the beauty of the earth
In her desolation
And greater far is mine,
Who sought to be my naked self"

Black Holes are too drunk
With your rancid blood
Soon They shall Vomit hard
Upon your fucking stars
Clap-clap! The snake has bitten off its tail
Your fucking creation is Bleeding Away

Cremate the breathing shadow of עץ מות
For Flaming Glory of our LORD the God
As your crippled body slowly Rot in Flames
We scourge woundation with 88! Necronames
Antinuclones Mourn the Tragedy of creation
Neutalinos Weep for existential Catastrophe
Cursed time and Damned space
Double monument of Divine Dread Scorn

The Dragon Witch.
The Sarcophagus. The Abyss.
The Venom. The Deep.
Dark Power. Devourer.