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Thy Omnislaying Revelation

This song is by Ithdabquth Qliphoth and appears on the album Fyre Walk With Me (2008).

In ye Grief of defiled tomb
In ye fetus Torn from ye womb
In ye Shadows of all sinful lifes
Ye Secret of Thine Decimality lieth

In ye Blood of all Painful Wounds
In aroma of all Burning grounds
In ye Hammer that Smasheth angels chests
Enigma of Thine Septenarity reseth

In ye Screams of Tormented whores
In ye scent of all Rancid Sores
In ye Star of all Raging battles
Ye Mystery of Thine Quaternarity settleh

In ye Terror of natural Disasters
In ye Madness of all earthly masters
In creator
s reversed name
Ye puzzles of Thine Quaternarity Flame

In Desolation of Crowd of Gods
Within ye Void of all wicked Lords
In ye Darkness of Uncertainty
Dwelleth ye Miracle of Thine Trinity

In ye giant heads with ye wings of bat
In Killing and Slaying with no regret
In every Gods Twin Menstrual Wine
Ye grim signs of Thine Duality Shine

In ye Crown of Hecatriel
In ye Venom of Samael
Beyond very essence of atom forbidden
Ye Evidence of Thine Black Unity hidden
Praise DEATH! Heil Satan!