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The Depravity Waltz

This song is by It Dies Today and appears on the album The Caitiff Choir (2004).

Today is the end of tolerance.
May the blood of the wicked wash away
The ruins of this frozen metropolis.
Their perversions are to blame for this,
Their perversions have blackened what's left of my heart.
Yeah, I suffocate, I suffocate, suffocate in my self righteousness.
Today is the end of forgiveness,
For no one will be spared when sulphur rains again.
And while sinners repent, I waste away so joyously.
The cities reduce to ash in the wake of oblivion.
I suffocate, I suffocate, suffocate in my self righteousness.
End it all, put an end to the injustice.
Open the skies above, and wipe this race away.
Wipe this race away. there is nothing pure in this world.
The human race wiped away.

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