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A Romance By The Wings Of Icarus

This song is by It Dies Today and appears on the album Forever Scorned (2002).

As the flame of the candle stands still into the biting air,
And the silhouettes of a broken man crash to the floor.
He rues the day he flew too close to the sun.
Recalling her smile as his wings melted
And he descended to the depths blow.
She had spoken of things all too impossible for hearts to behold.
Her beauty beckoning his soul.
Defenseless he fell enamored by her intoxicating charm,
She had spoken of things which he bagan to believe.
This was not supposed to be.
Screamed the temptress.
Her lack of empathy being her only vice she constructed a heart shaped tomb.
There she swore she would lay and perish.
With his wings charred and the pieces of his heart lying in ruins on the floor.
She had spoken of things all too impossible for hearts to behold.
He dreams of a day when the candle would begin to flicker in the cold night air,
Perhaps then he would fly again. he will fly again

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