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Screaming Out The Beaches

This song is by It Bites and appears on the album The Big Lad In the Windmill (1986).

I knew a man he was old and very shaken
He told of hearts that still were breaking
Of days gone by and foreign shorelines
Air attack and Dodging Landmines

Everyone's a hero but still they have to die
His friend told me it was no lie
They're beating up the wrong guy

Watching the days go by, Screaming on the Beaches
And they're screaming on the beaches
And they're holding back the leaches

With a tearful eye he told of friends he'd left there laying
Macho men who cried and turned to praying
Running around to dodge disaster
Their heads held low and hearts get faster

Everyone's a hero but still they have to die
There's a human link somewhere out there
They're holding up the waitline

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