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It's A Beautiful Day - Marrying Maiden (alt.)

European reissue cover art

  1. Don and Dewey
  2. The Dolphins
  3. Essence of Now
  4. Hoedown
  5. Soapstone Mountain
  6. Waiting for the Song
  7. Let a Woman Flow
  8. It Comes Right Down to You
  9. Good Lovin'
  10. Galileo
  11. Do You Remember the Sun?


  • Pattie Santos: vocals, percussion
  • Val Fuentes: vocals, drums
  • Fred Webb: vocals, keyboards, French horn
  • David LaFlamme: violin, vocals, guitar, flute
  • Mitchell Holman: vocals, bass, mouth harp
  • Hal Wagenet: vocals, guitar
Guest Artists
  • Richard Olsen: clarinet
  • Jerry Garcia: pedal steel guitar, banjo

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