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Holla At Me

This song is by Isyss and appears on the album The Way We Do (2002).

All night we ben catching eyes between the two of us
And you been bumping in to me I relly think I must
Learn your name I wanna conversate but you not
Saying a damn thang think I like your stile your frame
Don't be afraid I'm not vane see your eyes from across the room
There hideing in discuise
So I wink and crack a smile start feeling butterflys oh I'm kinda shy
But I wink my eye 'cause your so fly you're a cutey pie
You keep on lookin' and your walking buy but you still have not step to me

(Chorus) repeat 2times
U doint need to be afraid of me why don't you come and talk to me
I wanna meet you before I leave step to me (come and holla at me now)
Somethin' tellin' me your feeling me I know that you been watching me
I wanna meet you before I leave step to me.

Lookin' at the corner of my eyes I see you follow mines get up and fix
My hair start walkin' to your side lick my lips and my shirt fixed
Relly wanna be up in the mix you need to come and step to this
This oppertunity you will missthen your home boy grabbs my hand
I'm wishin it was u I told him that I had a man just twistin up the truth
But be for I leave u I wanna see and if you don't come and talk to me
U see this guy right next to me all night he has been bothering me.

(Chorus) 2 times

The dance floor is crumptin now baby and I'm tired of standing here
By myself and you know I'm not feeling no body else I been around seen
The croud and your the onley brotha that's standin down 'cause your the
One that's holding out so wont you come and holla at me.

(Chorus till song fades)

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