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Livity In The Hood

This song is by Israel Vibration and appears on the album Free To Move (1996).

The jungle jungle jungle
We're living, we're living in the hood
Just another day, riding through the hood
Just another day, haning out around the way
Just another day, remember what Latifah say
Just another day, the natty dreadlocks around the way
In this yah concrete jungle, in this yah concrete jungle
Livity in the hood

You've got to give respect to get respect
Don't no try to disrespect. In no aspect.
Concrete jungle, in this a concrete jungle
Chillin in the hood
When I down a Jamdown when I'm riding through the scheme
Associate with the youth and youth and youth from in a Painland
Associate with youth and youth and youth from 'round a Backtoo

Associate Iself with the Cockburn Pen crew
Right in your neighbourhood
When I down a Jamdown when I'm riding through the scheme
Now I in a Uncle Sam they call it the projects
Associate with youth and youth and youth ina Cyprus
Associate Iself with the Ninety Six crew

Concrete wall, they all surround me
Like the trees of the forest seems to all gone
Busy sidewalks, crowded carparks
So we chuck it on the subway track
We hit the highway heading for Broadway
We gone go hit them with this jungle rock

Every other day, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam
Another bite the dust, another in the slam
It's not hype or it's not cool
You get left back or you get kick out of the school
In this society education, it is necessary
Living on the edge, right here in the danger zone

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