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Get Behind Me

This song is by Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan and appears on the album Hawk (2010).

Get behind me
If you need a friend
Get behind me
Girl until the end
Get behind me
Got two ears to bend
Don't make me nervous
I won't ask again

Get behind me
If we start today
Get behind me
Baby all the way
Get behind me
Brighten up my day
Ask me where I'm going
I'm going all the way

Get behind me
Under lock and key
Get behind me
Baby then we'll see
Get behind me
Are you jiving me
Pull yourself together
It's an emergency

Get behind me
Whither near or far
If it's such a long way
Baby bring your car
Chevy Montecarlo, with my old guitar
We'll have a good time
Underneath the stars
Get behind
Through the thick and thin
Want to double cross me
Then I'd let you win
Don't have any answers, baby I give
Not sure where you're ending
Or where I begin?

Now if you don't want me
Honey let me be
Nothing's ever easy
Nothing's ever free

Been a long time riding
Down to Tennessee
Don't know what I'm driving
Think it's driving me

Get behind me
Tighten up your groove
Get behind me
Like the way you move
Get behind me
Shake it mamma shake
Don't make me nervous
It's more than I can take

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