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Mother (2000)Edit

Isla Grant - Mother


  1. My Homeland
  2. Listen to the Children
  3. Mother
  4. God Please Forgive Me
  5. Mothers Chair
  6. The Old Accordion Man
  7. One More Time
  8. Sweet Baby Mine
  9. Cottage in the Country
  10. Dark, Deep, Rolling Water
  11. There's Nothing New I'm Missing You
  12. Lifes Storybook Cover
  13. Till the Day That He Met You
  14. Leaves in the Wind
  15. The Ghosts of Culloden

Only Yesterday (2000)Edit

Isla Grant - Only Yesterday

Only Yesterday

  1. Partners in Rhyme
  2. Lovely High Conn
  3. Will You Walk With Me
  4. Only Yesterday
  5. Love Me Tonight
  6. Simply Being You
  7. Life You Always Could Do
  8. A Single Yellow Rose
  9. Over the Years
  10. Whats a Girl to Do
  11. Leave Me the Way That I Am
  12. Every Moment of Every Hour
  13. Love Just Walked Out the Door
  14. He's There for Me

A Dream Come True (2001)Edit

Isla Grant - A Dream Come True

A Dream Come True

  1. Circle of Gold
  2. It's a Dream Come True
  3. You're Always There for Me
  4. Will You Love Me
  5. Island of Memories
  6. We'll Meet Again My Friends
  7. The Keeper of My Heart
  8. I Miss the Biggest Part of Me
  9. My World Revolves Around You
  10. Within My Father's Arms
  11. Spending Time With Friends
  12. The Wonderful Land
  13. Fiddle on the Wall
  14. Precious Lord, Please Lead Me

Childhood Memories (2002)Edit

Isla Grant - Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories

  1. I Don't Know Why
  2. Childhood Memories
  3. If Only
  4. Don't Miss Me Goodbye
  5. How Many Times
  6. I'll Forgive You
  7. Galway Town
  8. Look Me Straight in the Eye
  9. Rachel Anna
  10. There's a Storm Brewing
  11. United We Conquer
  12. Flying High
  13. Darlin' When I'm Hurtin'
  14. The Day That Christ Was Born

The Beauty of My Home (2003)Edit

Isla Grant - The Beauty of My Home

The Beauty of My Home

  1. Living in My Mind
  2. How Lucky I Must Be
  3. The Beauty of My Home
  4. My Home in Moneymore
  5. Grandpa's Fiddle
  6. That's the Day (I'll Stop Loving You)
  7. Spread a Little Happiness
  8. You're the Best Friend
  9. Come on In
  10. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  11. An Angels Wings
  12. An Accordion Started to Play
  13. Call on Me
  14. Many Reasons

When the Day Is Done (2005)Edit

Isla Grant - When the Day Is Done

When the Day Is Done

  1. When the Day Is Done
  2. Meet Her Someday
  3. Love's a Blessing
  4. Lough Ree
  5. A Daisy for Mama
  6. Australia
  7. Let Me See
  8. Falling in Love With You
  9. My Scotland
  10. An Old Country Church
  11. Parcel of Dreams
  12. Out of the Blue

Down Memory Lane (2007)Edit

Isla Grant - Down Memory Lane

Down Memory Lane

  1. Down Memory Lane
  2. One
  3. Nobody Darlin but Mine
  4. Over the Years
  5. Spending Time With Friends
  6. Someone Is Looking for Someone Like You
  7. Today I Started Loving Again
  8. Jackson
  9. Partners in Rhyme
  10. After All These Years
  11. Will You Travel Down This Road With Me
  12. My Happiness
  13. An Old Friend Like You
  14. Makin' Believe
  15. It's Good to See You
  16. What's a Girl Got to Do

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