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For The World (Live)

This song is by Iron Savior and appears on the album Interlude (1999).

We're the defenders, we are the ones
For all the creatures, the land and the seas
Give us peace
And with the courage born in despair
We will resist your banners of pain
Break the chain

Holy machine - creator of sorrows
Awake - wake from your dream
And redeem
Rise from the ocean of darkness
Where you've been so long

Cosmic insanity
Regain your clarity
For the freedom
And for the world
Hope is our guiding light
It will shine
United we stand to fight
For the freedom
And for the world
For all - and for the world

Sacred messiah, prophet in arms
Blasphemious saint lost in the dark
Brave at heart

We will oppose, stand up against you
Return - and let your soul take control
Come back to life
Drive the demons of madness away


Written by:

Piet Sielck

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