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Blood On The World's Hands

This song is by Iron Maiden and appears on the album The X Factor (1995) and on the box set Eddie's Archives (2002).

Sometimes it makes me wonder
Sometimes it makes me question
Sometimes it makes me sadden
Always, it makes me angry, but...

When you can see it happening—
The madness that's all around you
Nobody seems to worry
The world seems so powerless to act....

It's out of control
Blood on the world's hands
Each day, a new toll

Another assassination
The same day, a new creation
But what are they coming into—
Security of a world that brings....

One day, another killing
Somewhere, there's someone starving
Another, a savage raping
Meanwhile, there's someone laughing at us

It's out of control
Blood on the world's hands
Each day, it goes on

Blood on the world's hands

Brutality and aggression
Tomorrow, another lesson
Expecting another air raid
Praying for a ceasefire

They say things are getting better
No need to be complacent
There's chaos across the border
And one day, it could be happening to us

It's out of control
Blood on the world's hands
It's our epitaph
It's out of control
Someone should know
Blood on the world's hands
Someone should—

Written by:

Steve Harris

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