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This song is by Irma and appears on the album Letter to the Lord (2011).

Aha aha aha aa a aha,
Go down everybody but I just want to sleep.
I just need to take a break I just need some breeeeath.
Cause every every other day I pray for you to come.
And I don't want to hear about anybody but you.

And I I I I i
Don't have to run your plans after all I have to

For your to be my friends you to be

Cause everybody says everybody wants
Everybody have something that's going on
I don't want to smile no answer the phone
Why don't you wanna wanna live me alone.

Aha aha aha aa a aha
Go tell them everbody that I just need a break
I'm done with all your randless questions I don't want to play
Cause every other other mean that I can "get" from you
Now I can stand the feeling knowing that went thrue


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