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Written on the Wall

This song is by Invitations.

No one that I know can live my life for me
If I make mistakes, I'll make 'em, big or small
Girl if I rise or fall
It's written on the wall

I can't twist your arm and make you stay with me
If it's time to go, I'll go but never fall
I'll walk off a thousand falls
It's written on the wall

Written on the wall
What's the use of fighting with fate
It's too late to hold it down

Written on the wall
My poor heart just has to break
And I can't stay for crying out loud

If in time you find your new love growing old
And you need me there to help you when you fall
If I'm the right one after all
Well it's written on the wall

Some people are to fall
But baby after all
It's written on the wall

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