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It's Getting Personal

This song is by Invertigo.

I know it's not easy for you and it's only spelt one way
but there's one part of 'no' I don't understand
that's the part you didn't say
now you made it all seem less, like a movie you sleep through
when you'd wake upset and ask how it end
so i'd act it out for you
and I know there's no way it could have last
but you could have planned it so I didn't guess, before you said

that you'll be thinking about me
you don't say now, that's so original
what i should, would and could haev been
look out now, it's getting personal
you said you'd love me 'til i die
it's okay now that's still possible
what you should, would and could have liked
wasn't me it's getting personal

you said it wasn't 'bout times that we had
not 'bout my friends that always leave a mess
not 'bout the work i don't do or the money i lose
well that doesn't leave much left
and i know there's no way it could have last
but you could have been more sincere faking it, when you said


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