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This song is by Inure and appears on the album Seemless (2001).

Shapes, forms, take position
Always hiding next to me
Relentless in my decisions
Looking for a past, so hard to reach

Jilted light, lay path to reason
What is it I seek to find
Will I ever know or will it grow
This path that has erased all traces of time

I can see the hollow light
The space in your eyes
That reflects on the rise of your dreams
To breathe me, unfolding back like the sense of duration

Underlines I revelate to perpetuate
These perceptions of the skyline
Direction's end reveals the dimensions
Of the trapped light shifting through
Perceptions again and again

Resurrect your fears
To separate your mind from where the body lies
Repeat the cycle, forever is a second
To resurrect your fears, separate your thoughts
From all that time divides
Forever is an instant

Moving toward uncertainty
Unawareness of self
In doubt of what completes me
Synchronicity, call it to be
Our unison in motion reflects this

Fixation riddles out all emotions
As I watch from entropy
Watch the universe stop in your eyes
I hope to find reflections of myself
Before you freeze

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