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This song is by Inure and appears on the album Seemless (2001).

Emptiness enables me
To treat new passing time
Questions raised to truth withheld
Draw pain that isn't mine
Bereft my insides bury words
Tormented in the mind
Strive to reach wisps of fate
Cleansed of what's behind

A shell repeating patiently
A face that cannot hide
Relations to a consequence
To say I havent tried

Lines cut across my face
Hide to stop this kill embrace
Had the chance but lived a lie
Hate the truth now what am I

Mirrors chase this misery
Rotting here inside of me
Bleeding out now
How can it be

Sinking in an unrelenting
Complacent yet unnerving
Figment of imagination
Persistent in accumulating
NOthing worth contemplation
Accepting perception
As seeming an existence

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