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Opening SongsEdit

  1. Change The World by V6
  2. I Am by Hitomi
  3. 終らない夢 (Owarinai Yume) by Nanase Aikawa
  4. Grip! by Every Little Thing
  5. One Day One Dream by Tackey & Tsubasa

Ending SongsEdit

  1. My Will (TV Size) by dream
  2. 深い森 (Fukai Mori) by Do As Infinity
  3. Dearest by Ayumi Hamasaki
  4. Every Heart by BoA
  5. 真実の詞 (Shinjitsu No Uta) by Do As Infinity
  6. イタズラなKiss (Itazura na Kiss) by Day After Tomorrow
  7. Come by Namie Amuro

Insert SongsEdit

  1. 卒業~さよならは明日のために~ by Tackey & Tsubasa featured in episode 124

Movie SongsEdit

  1. No More Words by Ayumi Hamasaki
  2. ゆらゆら by Every Little Thing
  3. :愛の謳 by Every Little Thing
  4. Four Seasons by Namie Amuro

Other SongsEdit

  1. Angelus
  2. Anjos
  3. Beijo Maroto
  4. Change The World (English)
  5. Change The World
  6. Com Vontade
  7. Come (English)
  8. Come
  9. Corazones
  10. Dearest (English)
  11. Do As Infinity (Version Tv Mexicano)
  12. Do As Infinity 2 (10 Endig)(Español)
  13. Do As Infinity(Final/Español)
  14. Do As Infinity(Tv/Español/Ending)
  15. Eu Sou
  16. Final
  17. Floresta Profunda
  18. Four Seasons
  19. Fukai Mori (Traduccion Al Español)
  20. Fukai Mori; Deep Forest (English)
  21. I Am (English)
  22. Meu Futuro
  23. Motorod (Tv/Español)
  24. Motorod(Español-Tv)
  25. Motorod
  26. My Will (English)
  27. My Will
  28. One Day One Dream
  29. Querido
  30. Silver Bells ( "Change The World" C/W Song)
  31. Silver Bells by V6 (Coming Century)
  32. Silver Bells (
  33. Sonho Infinito
  34. Um Novo Mundo
  35. Um Sonho Por Dia
  36. Vem
  37. Why

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