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This song is by Intwine and appears on the album Perfect (2004).


If you could see what these eyes have seen
Maybe then you'd know
That life is precious even though
You don't have what you won
Beautiful is hard to see and
Dreams end up all wrong
Don't give up there will be a day
You sing a different song

Believe in things you hold dear to you
The fruits of it will show
Sometimes it might be disappointing
Of this I'm really sure
don't try and live your life like me
Cause maybe then you'll know
That life's still precious but you're not
The one who runs the show

Beautiful is hard to see and
Dreams end up all wrong
Don't give up, there will be a day you
Sing a different song


Children dancing yet the war's not over
People laughing and yet hunger aint over
Mothers dying and yet life's not over
But you've decided that yours is


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