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​We Organized Your Life

This song is by Into It. Over It. and appears on the album 52 Weeks (2009).

If anyone needs advice on the best way to manage a 24 hour drive I would tell them that I'm your guy
I could explain it in overly pristine detail as they take some notes
For example, we organized your life into the back my van and left at night
We took a break to buy a mattress, some new Alan wrenches and a desk
And, I dropped you off halfway
I left so early the next day and with a pocket full of cash
I had to spend it all on gasoline
With 40 miles to go, I smelled like stale caffeine and pheromones
You see, I had spaced out ingesting chemicals throughout the day
I was busy letting the blood rest inside of both of my legs, shifting through pins and needles as I switched from manual to cruise control, but this is the last time so I hope you don't mind my jealous side
Because, you're never coming back to New Jersey; You're never coming back to Bucks County...
And I'm trying the best that I can
Because, I don't want you back in New Jersey; I don't want you back in Bucks County...
So, I'm trying the best that I can
I'm not gonna stick around and wait in New Jersey
I'm not gonna stick around and drive to Bucks County
I've got a more important plan with all of MY things organized in a van and a drive that takes about half the time