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The Liquor Your Older Friends Bought

This song is by Into It. Over It. and appears on the album 52 Weeks (2009).

If I had to make a wager on wether I could count your age on my fingers twice over, I would bet all the money in my pocket (all the money that you've given me) left over from the liquor your older friends bought.
Teenagers throwing up in the parking lot.
Well, what are we doing here if you don't want to watch and I don't want to stare?
And if you think I'm finished talking shit, well I'm sorry, but this is just the start of it.
So hold on to your swords and fall; my best advice for you to re-adjust your motives.
Well, this is just like a part that you'd write only ten times better and without the effort. I know you're just trying to be nice but you should hold your breath tonight.
What am I doing here?
A repeat image of flashing lights -- the total irony of getting pulled over.
Going about the same as the rest of my night.
Somone tell the
DJ to turn the volume up on the fight.
What a relief I'm not in high school anymore.
The second this ends, I'm going home.
The 2nd, this ends.

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