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Introduce THIS To Your Parents

This song is by Into It. Over It. and appears on the album 52 Weeks (2009).

I've been counting ways to tell you that this isn't working out in my head. "Is there a problem? You can tell me." she said, but -- despite my best intentions -- what would I say to you now? Along with all the "I'm sorry"s that come out your mouth, you've promised me a good time in your town but I'm not driving that distance just to turn around. So maybe you should try harder to begin to try trying less. I swear I'm not this hard to impress. You're way too funny to give me much less. I'll chalk it up to inexperience, but still you've kept your mouth shut -- the cats got your tongue -- in a fit of apprehension. I wish I had the courage to say this to your face. You'll forgive me one day but this song will outlive us both anyway; anyday. So take this song home with you 'cause I'll never see it for myself. You can introduce it to your parents or frame it on your shelf.