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Can I Buy A V wel?

This song is by Into It. Over It. and appears on the album 52 Weeks (2009).

There's a space right below
Ross's left elbow which is the perfect place for a statement of personal hope.
Poignant, yes, but strictly wishful thinking for a slightly longer winter watching hockey at
And a demeaning stare as we spoke.
You see I've got doubt which echoes out like church bells from a TV set to my inner ear into my brain.
But, it's like I'm speaking a buried language through six feet of earth and dirt out my mouth and back again.
Terrible reception congesting inspiration;
Can I buy a buy a v_wel and kick the _o__o_a___ right out?
Color commentary, confirming the worst of fears.
Driving back to
Street looking forward to next year.

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