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30 ft. Spirit

This song is by Into It. Over It. and appears on the album 52 Weeks (2009).

In a city not too far from here, it's snowing indoors
A brand new presentation; They've gathered for hours
And the smiles on faces are equally thick to the hair standing upright on the back of my neck
While the children behind us: they "wanna go home" cause 30 ft
Spirit's arrived
So put goodwill on the fire, cause (suffice it to say) we're having the time of our lives
So tonight we'll put savings in someone elses hands
We'll spend as freely as we can because who knows where we'll be tomorrow
Our time is here
Our time is now
Well, we're driving; Spotting lights in distant sight, but these signs aren't as easy to read at night
Making an effort to find joy down similar streets
Home's confusing, but not as wild as Delaware seems
Going the wrong way down Route 13; A repeat of the same scene: Hardly lost Hardly looking

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