Interpol:Turn On The Bright Lights (2002)

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Album by Interpol.
  1. Untitled
  2. Obstacle 1
  3. NYC
  4. PDA
  5. Say Hello to the Angels
  6. Hands Away
  7. Obstacle 2
  8. Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down
  9. Roland
  10. The New
  11. Leif Erikson
Bonus Track on 2002 Australia release
  1. Specialist
Bonus Tracks on 2003 Japan release
  1. Interlude
  2. Specialist


  • Carlos D - Performer
  • Daniel Kessler - Performer
  • Paul Banks - Performer
  • Samuel Fogarino - Performer


  • Mixed by Greg Calbi, Gareth Jones, and Peter Katis
  • Photography by Andrew Zeah and Sean McCabe
  • Design by Sean McCabe
  • Recorded by Peter Katis
  • Engineered by Jamie Hart
  • Produced by Simon Askew
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