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eBay Revenge

This song is by International Superheroes Of Hardcore and appears on the album Takin' It Ova! (2008).

I just can't take it.
I'm selling my stuff.
Why can't you pay me it's not that tough to get online and pay me on time.
Weeks go by and still not a dime.
EBay revenge!
I just can't take it.
I'll get you for real.
You're worse than a villain.
You rob and steal.
So get online.
It's pay pal time.
I look and look and still not a dime.
You bought you bought
My Earth Crisis T-shirt!
My Shai Hulud Vynil!
My old X Watch!
But you never stinkin' paid!
ISHC comin' to get ya!

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