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Slave Soul

This song is by Internal Bleeding and appears on the album Driven To Conquer (1999).

Parasite. Leech. Like a monkey
Wight on my back
I give to you
You won't give back
I work for you
Slave through the day
Making your future
Wasting my days
Lift this burden
Off this scarred back
I'll seize control
Of my own life
Slave soul
Slave to fulfill your desires
Slave soul
This slave's no longer controlled
Broken free of these chains
Destiny beckons me
A new day has arrived
No longer your slave soul
I'm now left on my own
My soul will plot my course
My sweat will profit me
My dreams reality
Monkey stay off my back
Stopped you dead in your tracks
Your hands can't reach my heart
I'm free to be myself
Slave soul. Slave soul

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