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Six Shots In Dallas

This song is by Internal Bleeding and appears on the album Driven To Conquer (1999).

The future forever changed
Six shots, power maintained
With death no peace
Hot war, profits increase
Ambushed by guns for hire
Grassy knoll erupts with fire
Cries of grief and pain
Tears they flow like rain
Sorrow, it grips the land
The future is now at hand
Dreams lay unfulfilled
The reason he was killed
Six shots in Dallas
Shattered the American dream
Six shots in Dallas
Reality is not what it seems
We seek but we'll never find
The truth, as seen by the blind is false
But do we care?
We live our lives as sheep
Herded and led like fools
Deceived and misled
Warren Commission ain't nothing but lies
Missing evidence cannot be disguised
Kennedy had to lie
A puzzle whose pieces fit
Into the shape of pure profit
If we ever learned what really occurred that day
Our precious halls of power will crumble in decay
Six shots in Dallas

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