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Ruthless Inhumanity

This song is by Internal Bleeding and appears on the album The Extinction Of Benevolence (1997).

Ripped from the mother's cunt
Writhing mess
Robbed prematurely
Ghastly sight of... mother's suffering

Dying on the ground
Strangled with a chord
A truly gruesome picture
Laying all the guilt on you
Bones begin to crack, piercing vital organs
As you laugh at the blood, it's getting fun
You will rip its heart out
Thinking of the children who died
Limbs and flesh as you feed

Morbid art consumed
All of man to see
Such a twisted human
Yearning their pain

The lust for children's blood and body
Sickness with no cure
Crimes easily forgiven
Within the bowels of your mind
Your mind

Tell me what you see
Do you see savagery?
Horrors of your mind's eye is your truth

Reality becomes fantasy, silent screams
Head is pounding, pumping violently
Waiting for some more fresh blood to satisfy the need


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