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This song is by Internal Bleeding and appears on the album Driven To Conquer (1999).

Locked inside this cell
Caged like a beast
Burning to be free
Misery envelops me
Drawn closer to insanity
Yeah. Motherfucker, you'll pay for what you've done to me
No more pain, had enough of your misery
Find the key to unlock my dignity
Can't you see freedom is my destiny
I'm a beast and I'll hunt you night and day
With baited breath slowly stalking my prey
Eyes burning piercing through the misty night
No where to turn your destiny is sealed tonight
Die. Your end is what I seek
Writhe in pain and agony
Time has come so be prepared
I have come to exterminate
Rage. Rage. Rage. rage.
Ruthless ambition
Adrenaline flows
Senses awaken
Anticipation grows
I am rage an uncontrolled animal
A living thinking hate machine
I am rage an uncontrolled animal
Subsisting on death, fear and pain
One with myself driven by instinct
Burning hatred fuels my death-quest
Be prepared to meet your life's end
I will revel in your suffering