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Languish In Despair

This song is by Internal Bleeding and appears on the album Voracious Contempt (1995).

Altered from man to a living nightmare in a blink of an eye
All my hopes and dreams are just passing memories
Despair and depression are where I find my sanctuary
This pain is now taking control over me
Burned all over my body, I now resemble a faceless corpse
My body has been emaciated away
Barely any skin to keep my life bloods in
I am now skeleton in nature
Bone showing right through my charred limbs
Once a human, now a freak of nature
Dependent as a child. How I wish for death
The stench of decay is setting in
My flesh burned beyond recognition
Lightning quick pain searing through the walls of my skin
My body spasms with every strike from this foreign entity
Stripping me of my defenses
I am a helpless mortal
As my life is slowly being drained away
No one hear
Not a soul in sight
Now I can embrace death
With open arms I tear loose these tubes and machines
My body contorts in deathlike convulsions
My life is now coming to an end
Drakness is setting in
But the thought of being at peace has become my dream
Now death wraps its arms around me and I drift off towards my destiny

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