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This song is by Internal Bleeding and appears on the album Driven To Conquer (1999).

Screaming cries you can't hear
Drifting through time in currents of fear
Drowning in oceans of pain
This misery will drive me insane
This emotional cage keeps me locked down
Searched for the sanity I never found
Pass me by might as well die
Let me free please release me
Bound by shame blessed by fear
All I am invisible
Ignore me just walk right past me
Don't see me you can walk right through me
Misery my only company
Burn my heart my spirit crushed by life
Black hole soul empty yet full of strife
Rejected breeds fear and depression
Like cancer it feeds on emotion
Invisible to you. Invisible to all
Don't want to live nothing to give
Sick of these lies
I can't handle this
Hate. Myself. Totally. Rejection. Futility. Depression. Insanity
Self doubt burns inside me
Like lightning it strikes me down
Here it comes the end is near
Closing in light's growing dim
Slip away gone for ever more
Once again I'll try to die
Lights go out I say goodbye

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