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​Falling Down

This song is by Internal Bleeding and appears on the album Driven To Conquer (1999).

Confusion, depression, rejection, falling down
I'm at the point of no return
I've reached the end my rope
The pressure builds I can't cope
Stare through my soul watch it burn
Live a life unfulfilled
Tired of emptiness
Weakened by pettiness
The grind it wears me down
Low life fuck, I'll get you
Tried to destroy my life
I'm turning the tables
Now who's fucking with who?
Lost control of myself
Blind violence masks the pain
I'm falling down
Long gone
Burned alive
Ground to dust
Crushed by life
Writhing downward
Spiraling hell
Each day drains my essence
Hurting those who displease me most
Leaving this world of hell behind
Falling down
Hating self, hating life, hating all that surrounds me
Mind's gone blank, soul's gone dead, watch me snap in front of you
Animal instinct rules
Desperation defines self
Falling down
Falling down
Feed the scorn that tears through me