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Yordle Comp Stomp

This song is by Instalok and appears on the album Instalok Originals (2015).

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Lulu and Tristana headed for the bot
Forget about Blukong, Teemo’s at the top
The jungler is "poppin"
And our Mid is the bomb, that's him!

Winning all the lanes, keep the pressure on
Pull a David Blaine, now your base is gone
How could we lose with a Teemo this huge?

Representing Bandle City
We are cute but we are deadly

We’ve got that Yordle comp-stomp
Winning nonstop
This game’ll be a short one

Got that Yordle comp stomp
We can’t be stopped
The taller you are the harder you fall

Lulu's got you turned into a squirrel
While poppy takes you down
Trist and Ziggs are bombin’
While Teemo’s top, just ballin

Poppy's diving in, getting hugeified
Better guard your shins when you're in a Yordle team fight
How could we lose, with a map full of shrooms

I need to play a Yordle
Ever single game
I know they may be small but
They’re making the big plays!

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