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We Got A New Map

This song is by Instalok and appears on the album League Of Legends Parodies, Volume 5 (2015).

This song is a parody of "I Like It Like That" by Hot Chelle Rae.
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I'm logging on yeah, waited for so long
I wonder what's in store for me
It's time to start, Hey! I don't know where we are...
Now we have some bonus movement speed

It's time to roam, In our new home
I didn't even really want to play
I'm admiring the scenery

We got a new map yay
Look around, everything is different right now
Just look at this crab damn
Can't be caught, juking all of my skill shots
There's all these new camps in
Season 5, Jungle's getting really tough
And we're all learning
About the new map

The wraith camp is gone, yeah, raptors looking strong
Getting all these buffs with smite
And I'm loving Gromp
Going back to shop but there's no Negatron in sight

Dragon's stacking, Baron buffs creeps
The cannon shoots from really far away
This is feeling like a whole new game!

The Yordles:

The Sentinel is Blue,
Red is Brambleback,
Gettin' wrecked in the jungle by these new camps,
We havin' fun,
Junglin' on the brand new rift,
Go grab the crab so I can get to your lane so swift,

And I'm lovin' this new map and I know I can learn fast,
Season 5, where I think "This'll be a blast..."
Here we are reppin' Yordles on this new track,
With Instalok we happy now,
'Cause we got a new...

Thug life? Nah man I'm about that Krug life
Foxes in the jungle that I really wanna hug. I've
Got one machete two pots and three lanes I forgot
To mention that I like those foxes a lot

Walk up in the jungle and I'm turning heads
Jogging with this frog and now hes dead.
Season five lets keep it alive
Play it back that's a wrap everybody 'cause we got a new

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