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Turn Back Time

This song is by Instalok and features Lunity.

This song is a parody of "One Last Time" by Ariana Grande.
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An AP fighter
I'll hit you with Timewinder
And if you ever dodge it
It's return hits the hardest
3 stacks'll slow ya
The damage will destroy ya
And if I feel in danger
I'll run and see ya lata

Gonna roam
It's time to help my team
I'm coming to you from the future
Gonna roam
And if my everything is not enough I know what to do

I'll turn back time
To fix mistakes that I have made before
So this time
I'll make the change that I was aiming for

If I ever lose I'll just rewind and restart
'Cause you know that the 30th time is a charm
Turn back time
I just need 4, wont need a second more

I'm diving turrets
With parallel convergence
You're getting stunned within it
But my time has no limits

I'll dash and blink in
You know you can't escape me
The outcome doesn't matter
I choose when time will shatter

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