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The OP Yeti

This song is by Instalok.

This song is a parody of "Want to Want Me" by Jason Derulo.
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Hop onto league
In champ select, and I spam "Mid or I feed"
I see an easy match up in the loading screen
I got to lane keep him zoned, denying him creeps
He's low on HP...

But he got it all back
Can't get him low when he's got a lane full of snacks
I'm missing skill shots, he moves furious and fast
Oh, why's his ice blast damage so high?

Walked in the bush
And he one shot me
With just an ult
And tons of AP
This isn't right (can't stay alive)
Oh what do I do?
I'm gonna lose to a mid lane Nunu

Slowed, always caught
He keeps snowballing
It never stops
The OP yeti
Is taking lives
Oh What do I do?
I'm gonna lose to a mid lane Nunu

He's clearing our wards
Too scared to walk in the jungle anymore
I tried to stop him getting drag
Now I'm on the floor...
Oh, why's his ratio damage so high?

I don't want to lose to this guy
To this guy
I've got to pull through
One last try

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