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This song is by Instalok and appears on the album League of Legends Parodies, Volume 4 (2015).

This song is a parody of "Pokemon Theme" by Jason Paige.
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Prepare to be truly impressed
By this champion because
He's got a skirt and armored pecks
And a spear you cannot dodge

Blocking attacks with shield in hand
And critting left and right
He's pantheon, so understand
There's nowhere you can hide

Pantheon, just wait and see
There's no place to run and flee
Pantheon, oh don't overextend
From the heavens he'll descend

Pantheon, gotta gank 'em all
He's ulting you, just give him a minute or two
He'll fall down and land on you
Pantheon, gotta gank 'em all, Pantheon

He just wanted to bake a cake
But then he burned his face
Now he hides it to cover the shame
It's just a theory that we made

Look at those abs, they're hella tight
He'll kill your self esteem
Put trust in him he'll lead the fight...
Or he'll just bait your team

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