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Secret Identity

This song is by Inspection 12 and appears on the album In Recovery (2001).

Honesty always remains a priority.
Lest we forget our intergrity.
What happened? Where has it all gone?
So go on- go on thinking your teaching me.
Ill keep my secret idenity.
No one needs to know what I'm feeling even though
I feel like an alien who needs to get back home.
So i won't sit and i won't wait or cater you myself
I wanna say "Stop time don't leave me here."
Puppetry, hyper ambition your on a roll
I think the word is delusional.
I know it won't be much but i tried to be your friend
Gee-look where that got me.
I think i better right a letter
cause thats much better than dealing with your shit.
So i won't sit and i won't wait or cater you myself
I wanna say stop and look at yourself
your losing it and you might lose me as well.
This what you wanted?
This what you told yourself all along?
And now you've got it
consider that you might be wrong.
This is what you wanted.
This is what you told yourself

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