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Labels Are For Cans

This song is by Inspection 12 and appears on the album Step Into The Fire (1999) and on the album Get Rad (2003).

Whats with trying to specify what type of music we play?
why dont you just listen to it and decide if its cool or it's gay.
Must you insist on a title? I'd rather not have a name.
We could change in a second and be placed in a different frame.
Labels are for cans we leave it in your hands consider my advice:
Standards aren't resolved Rules are made of salt and broken down in time.

We might turn heavy metal. We might go out on a limb.
We might try acapella It all comes from the heart thats the thing.
Habits often lie pratices will die its always been that way.
Labels are for cans we leave it in your hands a proverb for today:
Keep your defense up be careful with the names.
Never let your gaurd down cause nothing stays the same.
Labels are for cans we leave it in your hands opinions are a waste.
Your voice and ugly face are easily erased and vanish in the haze.

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