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This song is by Inspection 12 and appears on the album In Recovery (2001).

I am the stopwatch on a bomb.
I have no strength to carry on.
My valediction waits for me.
It makes me scared to go to sleep.
My destination can't be far.
I'm in the backseat of this car.
My belt is buckled, locked and clasp
and im not sure how long this ride with last.
I've seen so much and i've had dreams
and i can't tell you what they mean.
And I've been far. To far to see.
And where i've been is part of me.
And if my life goes flashing by.
Like they all say i hope that I
see my entire family.
It's so much bigger than you'd ever thought it to be.
And I've heard songs and harmonies.
I've kept them here inside of me.
And I've had friends the best indeed
and who i've loved is part of me.
I can't tell you how much you mean to me
never had any oppurtunity.
You're not here to accept apologies.

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