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Dried Rose

This song is by Inspection 12 and appears on the album You're A Nation (1998).

The world has got it's eye on me
Cause i'm the one it wants to kill.
I've never been content with life
And I've always been alone
But i feel i have found companionship with an angel.
Even though i'm not deserving
I never wanna let you go
Tell me a story of how you came my way.
Don't fail to mention how you feel and what we have.
This feelings over whelming has got me in a twist.
Vast spanse of high emotion
Relieveing me life of stress
Looking into your light blue eyes
And im drowning in a sea
Just the thought of you and I
Sign a perfect harmony
If only you knew my past
And how i came to learn your name
You could understand my passion
I'm praying that you feel the same.

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