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It's Not A Game

This song is by Inspectah Deck, features House Gang and Suga Bang Bang and appears on the album Resident Patient (2006).

Yo, they never catch Cash flippin' or catch Cash diggin'
In his stash, for his last, while these fag hags listen
I, cash that cooking, I fast like, put it in the bag
Flip the crack till that fag ass listen, if
Cash need cash fast, listen, it's so bad
It's no mag, when I let the mack blast hit him
Then I'mma make a black bag fit him
And casket every cat I catch with it, like I bag fast with 'em
And you can feel a back draft with him
I empty the clip, but don't trip, but you can catch tags with him
I'm glad that they mad, cats flipped them
The black make that ass dash with 'em, or that ass grasp for them
I pass like, gas in a Jag', flap drippin'
And with stash in the dash, leave his fag ass limpin'
Stagged 'cause he bagged that shitting
I'd rather have the last laugh rather then ever to laugh with him

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